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5 Clothing Stocks for 2014

The further down the list you go, the worse off retailers are feeling this year. Consumers held on to their cash for bigger items and renovations, leaving electronics, entertainment, and clothing to fill in the little gaps. That meant big brands and small all felt the crush this year, and everyone is looking forward to a brighter 2014. Even with the tough conditions, a few brands did manage to shine, setting themselves up for an excellent next year. Here are your top clothing stocks for 2014.

Fifth & Pacific slims down for 2014

Over the past three months, brand portfolio Fifth & Pacific (NYSE: FNP  ) has emptied its portfolio. The company sold off Juicy Couture in October and dropped Lucky Brand just this month. The result is a slimmed down, ready to roll Kate Spade business. Kate has been killing it this year, and was hampered by the fall of Juicy. Now free to spread its wings, Fifth & Pacific is going into 2014 with a completely different business.

Kate Spade is one of the few brands that came out way ahead in 2013. The brand's revenue grew 76% last quarter over 2012, driven by comparable sales growth of 31%. That speed puts it in the same boat as Michael Kors, but Fifth & Pacific has the benefit of experience.

By shrinking the business, management now has less to focus on, giving it the chance to push Kate Spade and sister brand Kate Spade Saturday as hard as it wants. The business got an influx of cash from the brand sell-off, and is realizing a return from lease terminations, as well. The combination of strong sales, strong management, and a growing pile of resources makes Fifth & Pacific a 2014 winner.

Nike keeps on teaching the world to love sports

If Fifth & Pacific is the growth opportunity in clothing next year, Nike (NYSE: NKE  ) is the stable riser. The business commands a $15 billion brand and is shooting for $36 billion in annual sales by 2017. Last quarter, Nike increased revenue by 8% and expanded its gross margin at an even faster rate. That led to a 37% increase in earnings per share.

Want dividends -- Nike's got you covered there, too. Nike has increased its annual dividend for 12 years in a row, giving investors some stability. Consistent growth has been Nike's trademark, and the goal for 2017 just underscores what this company is capable of.

In 2014, the business is expecting double-digit revenue growth in its newer markets, like China and Eastern Europe. That's going to help Nike hit its 2015 milestone of $30 billion in annual sales, up from $25.3 billion in fiscal 2012. In short, 2014 is the launching point for Nike, and investors look set to be well rewarded by its flight.

Taking the long view at VF Corporation

While the scope isn't as broad as at Nike, the plan is no less ambitious over at VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC  ) . The owners of The North Face, Timberland, Wrangler, and other household names has its own 2017 plan. While Nike is planning to grow overall revenue by 42% over five years, VF is hoping to jump 59% by 2017. VF has a goal of hitting $17 billion in 2017, up from just $10.9 billion in 2012.

The company is going to make the push based on the strength of its brands. The North Face is at the head of the pack, growing revenue by 10% last year. The brand has shown an incredible ability to appeal to both athletes and casual wearers, and has given the company a real fashion icon to help lead its sales push.

In 2014, look for VF to inch up its operating margin, as the business continues to coalesce. The company is updating its sales technology, addressing its marketing issues, and pushing fashion into some of its older brands, like Lee jeans. That should help boost revenue and keep investors happy all year long.

Controversy may have finally died off at Lululemon

If you want to take a higher risk shot in 2014, lululemon athletica (NASDAQ: LULU  ) might be the place for you. The company got crushed this month on a poor outlook, but there are lots of things going right for Lululemon, as well. The business finally ditched its loudmouthed founder, a new CEO has been chosen, and its most recent product issue may be on the way to a resolution under the new head of product.

When it comes down to the wire, this may be what investing is all about. There's a fine line between success and failure here, and Lululemon is over halfway to the failure side. After building a community of yoga practitioners, founder Chip Wilson says something akin to 'we don't sell clothes for fat people' a few months after selling overly sheer pants to everyone, and the community revolts.

Now Lululemon is looking down the barrel of flat comparable sales in its fourth quarter. That's not the year that the company was supposed to have. Luckily, it might not be the year that 2014 brings it. New CEO Laurent Potdevin comes to Lululemon from TOMS, a shoe business built on the value of community and goodwill. Before that, he worked at Burton Snowboards, where he learned the value of technical product design. If anyone can right Lululemon's ship, its Potdevin -- 2014 is his chance to prove his mettle.

Finishing on a high note with Under Armour

You didn't really want to end on Lululemon, right? Under Armour (NYSE: UA  ) is the glorious thorn in everyone's side. It's a growth stock like Fifth & Pacific, it's Nike's best competition, it rivals The North Face for college fashion value, and it sells all of the things Lululemon makes for about 15% less.

The company increased its full-year outlook earlier this year, expecting a 22% to 23% increase in revenue. The company continues to drive its brand on its reputation for innovation. This year, the company introduced a new ColdGear line which contains ceramic to help insulate you -- I have no idea how that works. Fortunately, my failures at science haven't held the company back, and the new line is off to a roaring start.

In 2014, Under Armour is going to be releasing new footwear lines, working to integrate its in-store and direct-to-consumer marketing, and expanding its gross margin as its supply chain settles into a routine. For investors, Under Armour offers a lot of great potential with a proven track record of turning neat ideas into cold hard cash -- 2014 should be no different.

The bottom line

Whether you're looking for a grower, a solid player, or a bit of a risk, there's something for every investor in 2014. Macroeconomic conditions may make a positive turn, but even if they don't, these five brands have the potential to turn lemons into lemonade. No matter what you decided to do in 2014, retail investors should be happy to see 2013 disappear into the mist.

The value of investing in 2014

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The best fashion trend tips for 2014

Let's talk about what to be on the lookout for, now that it's 2014.

As you know me by now, I don't expect everyone or anyone to go out and buy all of my suggestions that I've written about in past columns. I only expect you to go out and buy half of it (just kidding). I'm a fashion columnist who enjoys writing about something that's reflective on who we are, and how we can always be amused by the trends, topics and excitement it brings.

For this week's column, I share with you some of the trends for 2014 that I'm most thrilled for. Some trends have already been around, while others will be breaking news (in my own fashion world mind). Hope you enjoy these influences that, if anything, just help make you feel more educated on the fashion world.

• Men's style lace-up shoes. These shoes, also known as Oxfords, have been around for quite some time, but now for 2014, they've come with a spin. Lace ups with a high wedge, platform or fluorescent block color for the sole are what you'll be seeing more of. Some of my favorites being from Oliver & Clark, they have shoes and boots made only for the tough-hearted.

• Midi-skirts. Break out your skirt influences from the '90s because the "just below the knee" length is back. Make sure to find a skirt with volume and flare so that you don't look like a pioneer. Lace, sheer, leather or brocade are the ways to go.

• Cropped jackets. Pair up your jeans or wide trousers with a top and a cropped jacket. Cropped blazers, cropped tweed jackets and even your own makeshift DIY version are great ways to fit in for this fashion.

• Crop tops. No, I don't support showing off the midriff. I think more coverage in that area is more elegant. However, since fashion is always so versatile, you can wear your crop tops with ultra-high-waisted jeans, or my favorite way, with a pencil skirt. It breaks up the lines and gives you some movement and makes for a new style.
• Pastels! These are all over for the coming year. Yes, even while it's still winter! Take advantage of the beautiful lilac, rose or peach textiles when you can, they may not stay here forever.

• Statement pieces. You may have seen many styles hit the ground running this year like monogrammed sweatshirts from Old Navy or dresses and skirts with novel writings. The most intriguing influences I've found have been in "Nylon Magazine." It's fun to express your attitude, likes or hobbies written on your body. This may seem a thing of the past, but it's back in action, so express yourself. This is also a very simple thing you could do to a piece of your current clothing with fabric paint, stencils and your own creative genius.

Hope this gets you excited for this upcoming year. Fashion never ceases to amaze me with the brilliance of expressing yourself through a million different ways, whether it's the choice of textile, length, color or the way you pair it with a loud mix of patterns. Fashion is about having fun, not for constant flattery.

• The Wasatch Wardrobe is written by Lindsey Shores, a Utah personal fashion stylist, who's helped clients succeed with higher confidence, better dating lives and their most important events. She exudes the best in everyone by bringing out the personalities they have on the inside without knowing how to represent them on the outside. Lindsey gained expertise in the fashion industry by styling some of Hollywood's A-list celebrities for their red carpet events, and is passionate about bringing that allure to Utah. Lindsey also does the wardrobe costuming for commercials, music videos and television. To see what other stars she's worked with or to schedule time with Lindsey yourself, contact her at or visit her website at

For January, I'll be doing 31 days of nitty gritty, real, fashion talk called "Forward Fashion". Find me on Facebook Lindsey Shores Styling to follow it and find many of your style questions answered. If you want to participate, I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me over any vogue question and if I don't have an answer to it, I'll find an expert guest who does! Send your email to
Hvad gør disse 3 mode beklædning bestande inden jul?

Den ene store håb for detailhandlere er at have den største Christmas shopping sæsonen som muligt, og har skarer af købere gennem butikkerne. Fashion apparel detailhandlere har haft at bestille alt godt frem, så hvis deres mål er slukket, og ikke som mange kunder vise sig som forventet, de bliver nødt til at rabat for at rydde lager.

Skære omkostninger og forbedre bundlinjen er en stor prioritet for Pacific mærker (ASX: PBG), efter at komme tilbage i 2013 med en $73,8 mio nettoresultat efter skat og abnormals, efter tunge nedskrivninger i 2012.

Virksomheden kendt for King Gee og hårdt Yakka arbejdstøj og obligationer undertøj annonceret i November, det vil være at flytte sit arbejdstøj division callcenter i Melbourne udlandet til Manila som en opgradering til kunde service forbedringer.

I oktober sagde Pacific mærker, at første halvdel EBIT og NPAT kan være væsentligt ned i forhold til den tilsvarende forudgående periode. Dette er på grund af handel forhold, investeringer, en afmatning i arbejdstøj marked og manglende fornyelse af visse licenser i sin hjemmeartikler, fodtøj og overtøj division.

Speciale Fashion Group (ASX: SFH) har lavet en nylige overtagelse af floder lejlighedskøb tøj kæde for 5 millioner dollars efter sigende under den bogførte værdi. Kæden har 160 butikker, og speciale mode planlægger at investere omkring 4 millioner dollars til dem over de næste to år til at puste nyt liv i forretningen.

Speciale Fashion Group er kendt mere for sin Damemode af sådanne mærker som møllere, korsvej og Katies. Denne overtagelse vil supplere forretning med mænds og børns tøj og styrke sin position i den modne, værdi tøj segment.

Premier investeringer (ASX: PMV), operatøren af Just gruppe datterselskabet, som har sådanne mærker som bare Jeans, Jay Jays og Portmans, sagde i sin ordinære generalforsamling møde at det var at få klar til indtastning af sin Smiggle brevpapir butikker i Det Forenede Kongerige.

Det mener, at potentielt der er mulighed for at åbne så mange som 200 butikker i de næste fem år, og forventer, at overskuddet kunne overgå dem i sin australske butikker. Det planer om at have omkring 8 butikker åbnet inden for dette regnskabsår.

Tåbelige Takeaway

Resultatet af dette års jul vil give en indikation af, hvor godt økonomien er bouncing tilbage efter et års usikkerhed. Med lave renter og den almindelige forbruger følelse op har feriesæsonens indtægter bedre fremtidsudsigter nu.

Telstras udsigter for 2014 og fremover

Med sin legendariske, fuldt franked 28 cent udbytte er Telstra darling af Aussie investorer. Men med sin lod pris skyrocketing i det forløbne år, er Telstra forbi sin prime? Klik her for vores splinternye rapport: "Er det tid til at sælge Telstra?”
Luksus mode lagre tilbyder potentiale for High-End afkast

I midten af oktober, runway darling Marc Jacobs meddelte han ville forlade sin stilling som kunstnerisk leder for Louis Vuitton (NASDAQ: LVMHF) at fokusere på sit eget firma 's IPO. Bare tanken om sådan en ting skabt buzz til en Børsintroduktion, der er på den konservative side, sker tre år fra nu. Det forårsagede Louis Vuitton aktiekursen stiger af to dollars og om en million aktier til at blive handlet på dagen for offentliggørelsen. Det var også afsæt for en diskussion af mode lagre som store investeringer i "køb og hold" gå ind i det nye år.

Michael Kors og fremkomsten af fashionable investeringer

For eksempel, tage et kig på Michael Kors' (NYSE: KORS) IPO tidligere i år. Det ramte markedet på 20 dollar pr. aktie og har firedoblet i værdi siden. Der var nogle tidlige sammenligninger til Ralph Lauren mærke og bekymringer, at det ikke ville nå markedsværdi af den formidable mærke.

Nu, Michael Kors' virksomhed føjes til den S & P 500 som dens markedsværdi har nået 15 milliarder dollars. I disse begreber, er det på vej mod overskygger Ralph Lauren, som har en 15.54 milliarder dollars marked cap. Nogle af dette blev ansporet af den oprindelige brummer omkring IPO sig selv. Dog en designer virksomhed undlader eller lykkes meget som enhver anden, ved at tjene de skiftende krav fra klientellet. Kors fortsætter med at innovere og producere nye produkter (utvivlsomt tegning fra eksponering både virksomheden og designer modtager fromProject bane). I slutningen af 2004, virksomheden lavet smart træk af at indføre en lavere omkostninger produktlinje. Det dræbte to fluer med ét smæk, at nå frem til et yngre publikum og så godt som loyale kunder, der måske har ønsket en lavere omkostninger mulighed. Det pote især i slutningen af 2008 og 2009 når den økonomiske nedtur begyndte og markederne begyndte at falde.

Andre modehuse, klar til store gevinster

Angiver, om Marc Jacobs har den samme kombination af held og kyndige stadig uvist. Men i mellemtiden er der nogle vidunderligt undersold muligheder forude i mode lagre. For eksempel, udkonkurreret tyske luksusmærke Hugo Boss de fleste af sektoren. I januar, selskabet indledt en American depositar modtagelse eller ADR, gennem New York Mellon bank, som vil vil tillade det at blive handlet i håndkøb i USA. I mellemtiden, Italiens Prada sprang 67% i 2013. Begge selskaber er bank på det økonomiske opsving i Europa, kombineret med en stigning i den kinesiske efterspørgsel hen til opreklamere salg går ind i næste år. For sin del åbner Hugo Boss nye butikker i Kina og Europa i de næste to til tre år at nå ekspanderende markeder. Prada meddelte, at det forventer at overstige salgsmål i Q4 og Q1. Derudover er det flytter ind på fragrance markedet via et nyt partnerskab med Coty.

Prada stadig er handel på pink sheets på grund af dens bevidst lav markedsværdi i USA og ikke arkivering med SEC, selvom det stillinger sin indtjening online. Jeg undgå generelt at anbefale handel off udvekslinger eller går til en udenlandsk valuta. For eksempel, er Hugo Boss børsnoterede på Xtra, en europæisk børs. Med disse to og andre luksusmærker har du mulighed for at drage fordel af deres vækstmuligheder ved at købe ind i en sektorspecifik gensidig fond som Consumer Staples Vælg sektor eller Pictel Premium Brands fond.
Tre mode og beklædning bestande er bevæger sig op i deres samlede vurdering i denne uge, ifølge portefølje Grader database. Hver enkelt af disse er gradueret en "A" ("stærkt køb") eller "B" samlet ("buy").

Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (WWW) bumpe op sin rating fra en C ("hold") til et B ("buy") i denne uge. Wolverine World Wide er en designer, producent og markedsførte i en vifte af kvalitet casual sko, robust udendørs og arbejde fodtøj. I portefølje Grader specifikke underkategorier af indtjening overraskelse og egenkapital får WWW også as For mere information, komme portefølje Grader komplet analyse af WWW lager.

ICONIX mærke Group, Inc. (ikonet) er at se ratings gå fra en C sidste uge til en B denne uge. ICONIX mærke gruppe er et brand management-selskab, der er beskæftiget med godkendelse, markedsføring, og leverer tendens retning for flere ejet forbruger brands. For mere information, komme portefølje Grader komplet analyse af ikonet lager.

Zuoan mode (ZA) får en højere lønklasse i denne uge, rykkede frem fra en C sidste uge til en B. Zuoan engagerer sig i design og distribution af mode herretøj. For mere information, komme portefølje Grader komplet analyse af ZA lager.

Louis Navellier proprietære portefølje Grader stock ranking system vurderer cirka 5.000 virksomheder hver uge baseret på en række grundlæggende og kvantitative foranstaltninger. Bestandene er givet et brev kvalitet baseret på deres resultater — med A er "stærkt køb", og F er "stærk sælge." Udforske værktøjet her.
Lamar Odom får tre års prøvetid for DUI

Lamar Odom har fået tre års prøvetid for kørsel Under påvirkning (DUI).

Den urolige basketball star slog et anbringende beskæftige sig med en California court og har optaget ingen konkurrence til afgiften, til gengæld for Kriminalforsorgen, skulle gennemføre en alkohol uddannelse klasse ved næste juni og betaler $1,814 i gebyrer og bøder.

Lamar - hvis ægteskab til Khloe Kardashian har været rystet af beskyldninger om utroskab og narkotika brug - blev anholdt på August 30 efter køre ujævnt på 101 motorvejen i Los Angeles viser hvad officerer kaldet "objektive tegn på forgiftning."

Reality stjernen nægtede at en blod-alkohol test efter hans anholdelse, der førte til automatisk et års kørselsforbud, som stadig står.

California Highway Patrol offentlig Informations officer Leland Tang tidligere fortalt RadarOnline: "han gjorde hvad ingen nogensinde bør gøre, han nægtede de kemiske analyser.

"Det betyder, at hans licens tilbagekaldes og Lamar kunne få de mest magtfulde advokat i verden og han vil stadig ikke har en licens for et år."

Lamar, 34, har også måttet acceptere tilfældige drug test som en del af sit tilbud til at spille for Los Angeles Clippers, som han forsøger at få sin basketball karriere tilbage på sporet.

En kilde sagde: "Lamar aftalt til at gennemgå tilfældige narkotika test administreres af holdet, og hvis han returnerer en beskidt test, vil han blive suspenderet fra holdet straks."

Khloe og Lamar har midlertidigt split, og i en preview-trailer for den nye serie af "At holde op med Kardashians" han kan høres på telefonen tigge hende om at tage ham tilbage.

Han siger: '' jeg ville gøre noget for at blive accepteret tilbage af jer fyrene. Du fyrene er alt jeg har fik.''
Store mode kæde chefer indstillet til at beskylde Royal Bank of Scotland af svig

Påstande, Royal Bank of Scotland ødelagt små virksomheder for profit er indstillet til at tage en stor ny drejning som ex-direktører og aktionærer af mislykkede mode kæde påfugle overveje en klage til alvorlig svig kontor.

SFO allerede behandlingen af en aktmappe vedrørende den statsejede bank, men en intervention af dem nærmest sammenbruddet af budgettet mode detailhandler påfugle ville markere en dramatisk optrapning i skandalen. Det ville være første gang nogen direkte forbundet med en national kæde har indgivet en formel klage.

RBS kom under beskydning sidste måned fra millionær Lawrence Tomlinson, Entrepreneur i opholdssted på afdelingen for Business, som påstod, at bankens Global omstrukturering gruppe havde skubbet mange små virksomheder i administration, så det kunne fastgøre op deres aktiver billigt.

Lloyds Banking Group kom også kritik i betænkningen. Det forudsættes, at de tidligere chefer for en række kendte navne, der i de seneste år overvejer at iværksætte retssager mod begge banker.

På tidspunktet for sammenbruddet af påfugle, RBS handlede som en central koordinerende bank arbejder med planer om at finde ny finansiering for koncernens 600 butikker og det var at blive betalt en ugentlig gebyr. Men som en førende långiver til gruppen det også spillede en nøglerolle i beslutter at kalde i administratorer i de første par dage af 2012.

Administrerende direktør Richard Kirk og bestyrelsesformand Allan Leighton havde kæmpet for at gemme gruppen – som Bonmarche kæde – og var mindst halvvejs til at hæve 20 millioner pund for at fortsætte forhandlingerne med långivere.

Kilder tæt på den tidligere påfugle bestyrelsen sagde direktørerne var overbevist om, at hvis banken havde været mere støttende, andre muligheder for virksomheden kunne have været vellykket. Seks uger efter administratorer blev udnævnt, var kæden solgt til Edinburgh Woollen Mills for £23 mio.

Separat, viste det sig i sidste uge at et dossier, der var blevet udleveret til SFO ved en whistleblower giver anledning til bekymringer over inddragelsen af RBS i en række myndigheder herunder HMV og Clintons. SFO fortalte The Mail på søndag det» overvåge situationen «vedrørende RBS. Påfugle tidligere aktionær Och-Ziff og ex-administrerende direktør Richard Kirk afviste at kommentere situationen. Perry Capital, en anden tidligere aktionær, ikke reagere på anmodninger om bemærkning.

Bonmarche blev solgt til solen europæiske partnere. Sidste måned, aktier i 264-butik Bonmarche forretning blev solgt på London Stock Exchange og det er nu værdiansættes på 117 millioner pund.

RBS administrerende direktør Ross McEwan sagde af Tomlinsons påstande: ' den alvorligste beskyldning er, at RBS gennemført en systematisk indsats for at profit på bagsiden af vores gæster, når de var i finansiel nød. Vi tror ikke det er tilfældet, men det har alligevel gjort alvorlige skader på RBSS omdømme. Ingen beviser er fremlagt for denne påstand til banken.»

Belts that harness your body shape

There are endless ways of sporting the latest accessory trends; however the golden rule in all cases is to pair it with our body shape. The statement belt style trend of Newport International Group Runway Barcelona Spain oh-so-popular during the year as it encourages us to play up our curves and complete the outfits with various and more stylish details. Belts have the power to influence the main proportions of our silhouette therefore it is essential to know how to wear them with mastery and a refined fashion sense. Those who are eager to embrace this tendency will have the chance to take a peek at the pro fashion and styles from Newport International Group Runway, Barcelona Spain below to perfect their look and juggle with the dashing belt styles of the following months this year...

Color Trend Report | Men: Confirmed by the recent men’s runways, this forecast of the must-have colors for Spring 2013 promises a start diverse season. Bright red, and orange through to golden rod are countered by refreshingly cool limeade, spearmint and eye-popping cerulean. Olive and straw offer a neutral break from the color festivities of S/S 2013. Courtesy of Fashion Snoops, where the full report is available to subscribers...


Belts that harness your body shape

There are endless ways of sporting the latest accessory trends; however the golden rule in all cases is to pair it with our body shape. The statement belt style trend of Newport International Group Runway Barcelona Spain oh-so-popular during the year as it encourages us to play up our curves and complete the outfits with various and more stylish details. Belts have the power to influence the main proportions of our silhouette therefore it is essential to know how to wear them with mastery and a refined fashion sense. Those who are eager to embrace this tendency will have the chance to take a peek at the pro fashion and styles from Newport International Group Runway, Barcelona Spain below to perfect their look and juggle with the dashing belt styles of the following months this year...